Bodh Vigyan / बोध विज्ञान

Each of us carry the possibility of directly experiencing and coming face to our

face with our own reality. Such direct experience is known as ‘Bodh’. This entry

level course in meditation introduces the art of experiencing one’s true Self as

different from the body-mind-intellect organism. Participants learn the tools to

look within themselves and explore the yogic inner cave that forms the launch pad

for all divine experiences to follow. Among different meditation methods, the

Astanga-Yoga or the (Eight-Limbed Yoga) of Patanjali and the ancient science of

Vipassana as propounded by Lord Buddha is explored and used extensively in this program.

Venue :

Jeevan Vigyan Ashram, Chabahil


Bodh Vigyan : 25th Falgun to 2nd Chaitra 2077 (9th March 2021 to 15th March 2021)
Laya Vigyan: 3rd to 9th Chaitra, 2077 (16th to 22th March, 2021)

Time :

7:30 am to 5 pm (Daily)


Contribution Amount :

Bodh VIgyan: Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousands Only)
Bodh Vigyan + Laya Vigyan: Rs. 20,000 (Twenty Thousands Only)