Chakra Vigyan Saptaha / चक्र विज्ञान सप्ताह

Activates and balances the seven vital centers (chakras) in our subtle body to help Kundalini awakening and provide freedom from many seen and unseen physical and non-physical ailments. Helps in detoxification of the seven bodily sheaths (Kaayas) and builds a solid ground for psychological and spiritual development of participants. Participants experience transformation in their health, energy, relationship and spiritual development.

Venue :

Jeevan Vigyan Pratisthan, Chabahil


16th Falgun 2077 to 22th Falgun 2077

28th February 2021 to 6th March 2021
(7 days)

Time :

7:30 am to 5 pm (Daily)

Price :
NPR 10,000