Saurya Kanti Dhyan Vidhi

Many people are panicking because of the current pandemic situation all over the world. Practice this meditation techniques daily every morning to enhance your immunity system.

This technique has been especially designed for respiratory health. This approach has proved highly effective for hale and hearty lungs and hearts. External parts of the body such as the back, chest, shoulders, limbs along with internal organs and brain benefit from this Pranayam. Both mind and body become strong and stressed and distracted minds experience peace and stability. Mainly, Sauryakranti protects us from all kinds of external infections. Even if infections occur, they heal visibly fast as this meditation technique boosts the self-defense mechanism (immune system) of the body. Sauryakranti is all the more relevant in these times of Covid-19 pandemic as it has proven to be an effective weapon against the disease. Here, Pranayam is performed in 10 ways. It is really a superior technique which can be done in only 30 minute—a combination 15-minute pranayam and 15-minute meditation.

Major Benefits:

  1. It cures chest-related affections by keeping both hearts and lungs healthy.
  2. It protects from all kinds of infections.
  3. Both body and mind benefit from this exercise.
  4. Stressed and disturbed minds are pacified.
  5. Diseases like sinusitis, migraine, allergy and running nose are remedied.
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