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साधारण परिवर्तनहरू, उल्लेखनीय परिणामहरू

Nearly twelve years ago, Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal was established as a nonprofit organization for providing free science-based information on life skills that promote happiness, empowering and focused on human concepts. A good part of humanity knows or feels there's something non-physical, something bigger than just humans. It can go by many names and many ideas.

Spiritual philosophy is the spiritually awakened human being. Someone whose wisdom has traveled into the world of inner self. Within themselves, they have accessed a spiritual dimension.

हाम्रो दृष्टि

Molitia modi quae laboriosam nemo minima molestiasi vitae rerulla eosipnid explicabo optio acusan provident nisi repellend atione iustovoi uaerat tenetur veniam uravbitur non erat ut orci maleada egestas.

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जीवनयोग प्रयोगशाला

रमेश नेपाल

जीवन विकास विशेषज्ञ

Ramesh Prasad Nepal (popularly known as Ramesh Gurudev) is a spiritual leader, mystic, and life coach. Ramesh Gurudev is one of the founders of Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal which is a leading institute in Spirituality and Leadership. Mr. Nepal is the co-designer of all the outstanding Yog Sadhana Programs that the Jeevan Vigyan Foundation has developed, taught, and spread worldwide. These sadhana programs are life-changing and have been instrumental to the level of transformation for many. In his role as a spiritual leader and life coach, Ramesh Gurudev has successfully trained many people and guided them on the sacred path of spirituality. His passion for yoga, pranayam, and meditation is contagious which has helped to ignite the light of a positive lifestyle in many. An enlightened mystic, Ramesh Gurudev is a forum leader on meditation and positive and right living programs. Soft-spoken, compassionate, and caring, his radiant smile has healed many. Ramesh Gurudev is a terrific songwriter. Every single word in his songs magnificently expresses the essence of life. Listening to his songs has now become a daily ritual in many households. Ramesh Gurudev has written over 20 articles on spirituality, yoga, and Positive living. His book, `Samasya Anek Samadhan Ek´ gives many anecdotes on how to develop a problem-solving attitude, see things from other people's perspectives, and teach the skills needed for positive life management.

एल पि भानु शर्मा

जीवन विकास विशेषज्ञ

L P Bhanu Sharma (popularly known as Bhanu Gurudev) is a spiritual guru, an educator, an executive Life Coach, social activist, and a philanthropist. His dynamic personality has shone through many successful facets of what he has achieved in his life. He wants every human being to realize and achieve his/her trust potentials. Bhanu Gurudev is one of the founding members of the Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, which is the leading organization in spirituality and leadership in Nepal. Besides his role as the spiritual guru in Jeevan Vigyan Foundation. Bhanu Gurudev holds various professional roles at executive levels. He is the director of Apex Life School, chairperson of Prabhu Capital Ltd., and founder and ex-principal of Apex College. Apex College is one of the most prestigious business colleges in Nepal. He is one of the initiators of Bagmati Cleaning Mega Campaign, the longest lasting social service campaign in Nepal. In his role as a spiritual leader and an executive life coach, Bhanu Gurudev has trained and initiated over 15 million people on spirituality. These programs have become a great success in over 60 countries of the world, including Nepal, India, USA, UK, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Middle East. Jeevan Vigyan's satsang programs conducted by Bhanu Gurudev are watched by over 40 million people all around the world. His philosophies, teachings, and guidance are practiced and celebrated as an ultra-modern lifestyle by many followers, both nationally and internationally. Bhanu Gurudev has inspired and trained more than 1400+ people as Jeevan Vigyan Instructors, who have devoted themselves to spreading spiritual practices across the world. In his previous roles as an academician and a teacher, Mr. Sharma has taught over 80,000 students. A Chartered Accountant by education, Bhanu Gurudev graduated from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and he was an All-India Merit rank holder of his batch. Bhanu Gurudev is an enlightened mystic who is also a forum leader of` Leadership, Meditation, Positive and Right Living programs. Bhanu Gurudev has invaluable life experience in various sectors. He started his career as the general manager of Enarai Finance Limited (the then-46th finance company in India); later, he worked as the general manager of Shree Investment and Finance Co. Ltd., a reputed finance company in Nepal. He taught many courses on accounting and finance to CA, MBA, and BBA students for over 20 years. He has also coordinated and contributed to designing and developing the syllabus of various courses at Pokhara University and Kathmandu University. Bhanu Gurudev also has an inclination and talent for writing. He has written over 150 articles on management, spirituality, yoga, and positive living. One of his publications is 'Geeta Mahagyan' which is a series of commentaries on discourses on Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 1. He has written a number of spiritual songs and poems, which have deeper meanings and inspirational streaks in them.

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